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'64 Janice Rode Turner I left NJ in 1980 moving to the Atlanta area. Divorced in 1982 and married again in 1984 to Mike. Together we have 3 sons, Gary (41), Steven (35) and Brent (36). We have 5 grandchildren Hayden 11, Dylan 8, Reece 6, Shelby 4 and Ashlyn 4 and an adopted granddaughter, Rebeka 21. We moved to Euless, TX in 1991 and finally retired to the beautiful north GA mountains in 2002. Enjoy gardening and raising blueberries and traveling the country in our camper.

Can't wait to see everyone again. Had a great time at our class reunion in 2011.
'64 Jen  Wycalek "She's a country girl at heart" it said below my picture in our yearbook. It took until my retirement in 99 to become a country woman in reality. I live on three acres, surrounded by Federal land, in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. My little house is perched on the side of a Kittatinny mountain, overlooking the Delaware River in northwest Jersey. Nearest neighbors are about 2 miles away, so it is peaceful and quiet, and plenty of wildlife can be seen. I live on the Old Mine Road, which legend says is the oldest commercial highway in New Jersey, built over an old Indian trail. I volunteer with the Walpack Historical Society and the National Park Service as a docent at the Van Campen Inn and the Rosenkrans Museum. (Yes, these Rosenkrans are somehow related to our deceased classmate, Jane Rosencrans.) I look forward to reading what my friends at Memorial High are doing, and I hope you'll come up to the Van Campen Inn for a tour this summer.
'64 Jim  Robinson I have been married 42 years to my wife Joan. We have a son Brad who is a lawyer, a daughter-in-law Anne who is a lawyer and a 4 year old Grandson. We live in Dallas now with stops in several states along the way. I ran customer service operations as large as 1,100 people for Sprint, AT&T, Comcast, and GM OnStar. I was part of a team that won 6 J.D. Powers Awards for Customer Service. I am now retired. I continue to love travel and have been to 57 countries. Plan to add two more before the end of the year - Belize and Guatemala.
'64 Johanna Eollo Moses John and I moved to the Atlanta area in 1971 where our son Keith was born. We also have a daughter Whitney and between them have 4 grandchildren. They range in age from 16 to 11! We are retired, but work part time a few days a week, which keeps us out of trouble. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion!

'64 Kathleen Bunten Bunten Still living in Walton-on-the Naze, Essex, Great Britain on the North Sea. Would love to join all of you and fondly remember days, particularly choir and band. So many of my class had been together since grade school and I am grateful that reunions are being kept up.
'64 Kathleen Bunten Bunten I would love to come to ceremonies, but am not travelling too much. Best wishes to all. Have been living in the UK for more than 25 years. Worked in news magazine publishing and got to some interesting places, including UN peacekeeping operations in Bosnia,air shows in Dubai, Berlin, companies in Israel, etc. Will be thinking of all of you. Best wishes, Kath
'64 Ron  Elvin Retired after 25 years with Telectronics Pacing Systems and 13 years with Lowe's Home Improvement. Playing golf four times a week and enjoying life.
'64 Sandy Bagge Curtin I just found the paper Art sent me and wanted to say "hi" and sorry I missed your celebration.
I retired in 2002 after 35 years of teaching Kindergarten and Primary Grade Computers.
My husband died suddenly in 2007 and my Dad 2 months later.
In 2011, I had a new house built in Pine Beach, NJ on Toms River, on a property with many wonderful memories. I am now continuing to enjoy every moment there!
'65 Barbara Gundersen Mills Went to Madison College in VA after graduation. Married Bill Marshall in 1967 and we had 4 sons. Bill and I divorced in 1981. I married Jay in 1987 and we are enjoying life together. He also had 4 children, 3 daughters and a son. We now have twelve grandchildren from age 3 to 20! Graduated with a Bachelors in Business from Montclair State in 2000. I went back to work full time in 1979 at Prudential and retired in 2012.
I discovered that I do not do leisure well, so I volunteered for CASA which works with the courts to assure foster children are receiving appropriate care and benefits and am Treasurer for the local Community theater. In the spring and summer months, I spend a lot of time in the yard and pool with the grandchildren.
Looking forward to the reunion and seeing everyone again.

'65 Barbara Hay Brooks I married Lonnie Brooks in 1968 and graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in history. I taught in middle school in Manassas, Va and Richmond, Va and left teaching when my children were born. We moved to Dallas in 1977 and lived there nearly thirty years. During these years I was a soccer Mom, room mother, PTA officer, brownie and girl scout leader, den mother and docent at the Dallas Museum of Natural History. Our daughter, Meredith, is married to John Scott. They live in Greensboro, N.C. with their children, Jack, age eleven and Gracie Mac, age ten. Our son,Jeff, lives in Austin, Texas with his wife,Jill, and baby daughter, Evelyn Anne, born in March. We retired to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida but consider ourselves Texans. We love Florida but I'm still disconcerted when I open my door and find an alligator on my lawn! We will be attending the reunion along with my brother, David, and my wonderful sister in law, Elaine.
'65 Candice Carson The last time I saw most of you was at our 10 year reunion. Yikes! Thirty-eight years! A lot has happened to all of us in that time. Two years after the reunion Jack Baker and I got divorced. In 1978 I met my husband George Banker when we were both working at the IT department of an insurance company in Hartford. We decided in 1980 to take a year off and sail across the Atlantic in a 41 foot sailboat. We came back from Europe but we never went back to a nine to five job. We have done a variety of thing with boats, mostly taking people sailing in the Caribbean. In 2010 we built a catamaran in Cape Town South Africa and sailed her to the Caribbean. Now we are retired, living in Durango Colorado in the summer where we enjoy playing tennis, hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing. We spend the winter in the Caribbean on our boat where we enjoy fly fishing for bonefish, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. I am really looking forward to the reunion to reconnect with my great High School classmates.
'65 Daria Selepouchin

A welcome hello to a fine group of classmates!

Many think I grew up in CG but only landed here going in Grade 10 from NYC. But have continued to be in the area since that time. Life for us has been rich, full, rewarding with twists and turns that defines both our union and love.

Vladimir met me when I was in HS ... we married in 1969 after his tour of Army duty and just before he attended Pratt Institute. We have been blessed with two wonderful daughters: Larissa is forty who with her husband and children have just returned to the States to California after residing in London, Surrey and Singapore for the past 14 years. My 3 Grandgems are rare gems: 2 boys ages eight and seven and a lovely girl age six. My younger daughter, Marina, just married last summer and is busy with her new life.

Vladimir is an industrial designer who holds several patents and is also a most talented artist. Fine art has always been his passion and his many canvases bring warm memories to many.

My enjoyable and most rewarding career found retirement three years ago much to the disappointment of my students. They did not understand why I was leaving. I never really called it retirement and told the students after being in HS for 43 years, "I think it is time for me to graduate from high school and become a real adult."

Enjoy, the Gala and stay safe, happy and healthy!


'65 Francie Rombough Callahan Can't wait to see all of you! I'm a mother of two: Michael, and Erin and grandmother of 6: Caitlin (19), Cole (15), Cade (7), Grace (13), Michael (!0), and Nora (8.) My date for the evening will be my sister, Janet O'Neil (class of '74), as we are both widows. I was married to my Jim for 43 years and miss him so much. I've lived in the Syracuse, NY area since I was 18 when I went to Upstate Medical Center and graduated as an RN. Labor and Delivery was my favorite place to work, and I also worked as an evening supervisor in a skilled nursing facility. I spent ten year an aerobic instructor until I blew out both of my knees. Darn that Jane Fonda! Gail & Greg Werner and I spend two weeks each summer in a house in Cape May Point, NJ. Best friends forever!!
'65 Gail and Greg Hapke Werner We took the road less traveled celebrating 49 years of togetherness and 45 years of marriage. The years following graduation were filled with studying Nursing at FDU, attaining my R.N., and working as an assistant head nurse at St. Barnabas Medical Center, while Greg completed his studies.
Upon Greg's graduation from Western New England College, he was recruited by Eastman Kodak Micrographics Division to work on Long Island. Soon Greg's interest in magic turned into an avocation. He was inducted into The International Brotherhood of Magicians in 1978. Greg blended marketing and magic into his signature close-up and stage art form while entertaining corporate clients and expanding their brand across the country.
In 1981, I completed my B.S. in Allied Health Management at MSU. On April 15, 1983 we welcomed our shared dream, Gregory Christian, into the family.
As preventive health education became my goal, I worked to spearhead, coordinate, and implement municipal and hospital funded senior wellness programs, supporting veterans, and informing others about the need to make the best health and medical choices. To further community improvement in Long Valley I engaged in grant writing and strategic planning resulting in a large acquisition of Open Space for over one million dollars.
As career opportunities changed we returned to school. Greg completed his Masters in Educational Technology at Ramapo College, as I attained my Masters Medical Humanities from Drew University. Greg's graduation was on Friday, mine on Saturday, May 2010. Equally serendipitous, our son and I were students at Drew as he completed his biology degree. He now resides in Fukui City, Japan with his wonderful wife, Haruka. Teaching and writing in his field of interest.
Greg launched a design business in 1998 before leaving Kodak after twenty seven years. Being a self-taught computer enthusiast he created Bytronics , Inc., integrating hard and software design components. Later, this company morphed into Design Options. During this period he also worked at Zerox for eight years until he found his next career path leading to educational technology. He is the Boonton School District IT, HEAD GEEK! He also consultants for the Lebanon Borough School District.
Currently, I am the community outreach coordinator for Common Sense for Animals, a no kill shelter realizing my childhood passion to help animals. My part time work includes keeping the faith as the children's minister at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Springfield. Over 30 years, working at five churches, it has been a privilege to introduce parish nursing, numerous family and intergenerational programs, while implementing multi-intelligence workshop style curriculum.
This evening will find many reuniting and sharing stories of the glory days. Ours will include lifelong friends, Francie Rombough Callahan, and Rene Lahiere joining in the celebration. Hats off, Jimmy McAndrew for breathing life and resources into this celebration, Class of '65 all the way!!
'65 Ginny Livelli Mockoviak Attending
'65 Guy  Sloat Hi Everyone!
Went to Rutgers Newark for one semester in '65 cause everyone was collage bound but wasn't ready...Enlisted I the Navy in late Dec. Inducted Aug. '66. Minesweep electrician in Ca. w/two tours off DMZ in Viet Nam ('67-'68 & '69-'70).
spent '70-'72 @ Ocean County College (Head of Phi Theta Capa Honor Soc'). Hired @ school by Bell Labs, Holmdel as draftsman/Design assoc. & left from Crawford Hill in '75 as Tech. assoc. to go into family business w/dad. (temporarily-turned into 20 yrs.) til business failed, then got part time job @ Home Depot Lakewood N.J. Retired from there last Dec. & am just getting used to retirement.
Two great kids via wife Sharon (April 10 '76): Aubrey (Scientist for intnat. seed co. in Colorado) & Tim Dept. Mtr. Veh. inspector in Lakewood N.J.
Hope to move to Colo. when Sharon retires in 2016, God willing!
Best to all!
'65 Jack  Wright Hello everyone!
It has been many years since I have had the occasion to speak to any of my classmates, though I am in touch with my brother Greg literally every day.
Where should I begin?
Back in the late 60's, I attended The University of Georgia where I studied Philosophy and where, years later, I met my wife Sheila.
We have now been very happily married for 34 years. We have two sons, the oldest of whom Joshua is in law school at the University of Pennsylvania. Our younger son Matthew is in college and doing well.
I also have two older identical twin daughters Jessica and Gretchen (40 years old) both of whom are doctors. They have given us four wonderful grandchildren.
Sheila is currently pursuing graduate studies, and I have an architectural design business. My projects are mostly in New Jersey, but I have had commissions in New York, the Hamptons and the Florida Keys.
Sheila and I are are both writers, and five years ago we established the New Jersey Children's Writers' Guild, a non-profit corporation which promotes excellence in children's literature and literacy for children.
Additionally, I am a published poet with a web site "One Pure Thing".
We both have books coming out in the near future.
We are looking forward to a delightful evening.

'65 James  McAndrew As part of the Gala reunion committee it has been great fun speaking to many of the students of the class of 1965. I am looking forward to seeing all of you! I ve been maried to Elaine for 42 years. We have a son, Matthew ,and Matthew and his wife, Renee, have a son ,our grandson, Blake. We have 3 homes in the USA:NE PA., Cental NJ and Palm Beach FL. In completing 40 acquisition and or divestitures I have owned an operated billboard companies all over the world. At one point I was the Chairman and CEO the 4th largest billboard company in the USA.Currently I am the Non-Executive Director of Continental Outdoor Media Johannesberg South Africa, a 39,000 billboard display company operating in the 13 sub saharra countries of Africa. I travel to Africa 4 times per year. I enjoy skiing, racing corvettes and operating our 1,000HP speed boat.
'65 Jerry  Cavanaugh Just got the information about the reunion. Most will not remember me, as I went to Memorial for my senior year.

Graduated from Wichita State U in '72. Have worked in the food and beverage industry for 34 years. I retired from Miller Brewing where i was team manager for the Brewing department. Yes, we made the beer! Spent 25 years at the Fort Worth Brewery, and retired in 2002. My wife and I have been married for 42 years. We met in college. We have two children and a granddaughter.

I received a MS in 2003, and at this minute, I am 'polishing' my dissertation. I found that I can work with children. A great second career.

I have pictures of lots of our classmates when we were in Boy Scouts. I will dig them up and post them.

Thanks again for contacting me.
'65 Larry  Winer Just saw Jimmy McAndrew & Linda Edgerton for dinner in S Florida where we have a home- live in Denville- have practiced law for 40 years- zoning board attorney in CG since 1985; football official for 44 years, six kids and 7 grandkids between us, never forget my home town or my high school!
'65 Mike  Crawford Hi All
Mike Crawford, you all remember I was one of the geek nerd's of the class, stage crew shop class" with Mr Williams Playing "left out" on foot ball team!
December of '65 I along with some buddies (Paul Olsen and John Steiner)enlisted in the US Marines and I severed in Viet Nam for 13 months with H&S 2bn/7th Marines 1st Marine Div. as a radio Op as a Forward air control.
We are looking forward to this Gala event for sure!
We live in Bloomingdale, NJ
My Wife, Jo Ann of 40 years(Clifton class of 66)and I have (2) children, Jennifer and Matthew and one Grandson Jackson.
I own and operate (2) business, Welding and fabrication and Amateur radio tower and antenna service through out the USA
I have been a "HAM" radio operator since 8th grade. I was also a NASDS open water SCUBA dive instructor in the late 80's and early 90's and have dove all over the NA region
Looking forward to the "EVENT".
Kindest Regards to all
I can be reached at WA2VUN@AOL.COM
or 862 703 6969
'65 Paula Mastroeni Vacca Wow, has it really been 48 years?
They say,find a career you love and you'll never
work a day in your life.I've been blessed to have had an awesome career as an RN.I've worked in many specialities over thirty one years, culminating with my role as Bariatric Coordinator at our local hospital.After much soul searching I decided to retire at the end of 2012.
My proudest accomplishment is my three children, all adults now.They are an architect, a chef and a teacher.
I live in Northwest New Jersey with my second husband. We have a blended family that has given us two awesome grandsons and three granddogs!
I love traveling and of course, spending time with family.
'65 Sarah Frye Bullard I've lived in the Rochester NY area for 30+ years. Married to Ed for 25 years. Together we four adult children scattered around the country, and five grandchildren ages 4-9. I have worked as a Registered Nurse since 1981 in a variety of settings: hospital for 20 years, office, health insurance companies. Ed is a retired Chemical Engineer and Physician's Assistant. I volunteer at an inner city school, and am very active in my church. Ed and I usher for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and GEVA, our regional theater. We still work out at the gym, bike, swim, downhill ski, snowshoe, camp, hike, and enjoy our power boat. I think a combined reunion is a great idea, and I am really looking forward to seeing all my high school friends again!
'65 Sharon McCarthy Pannozzo Hello out there to the folks from the class of "66" I am currently living in Portsmouth NH which makes it pretty hard to ever really consider moving back to Jersey. I've really taken a liking and a love for this oceanside
town. I am twice divorced now--the first marriage lasting 20 years and the last almost 25 years. I sadly lost my first son David to cancer in 2010 and my youngest son Eric is living in Chicago.
Am happily working in pediatric practice.Am so sorry I won't be at the
reunion afterall but if you're out there Pat Brannin,I miss you & love you!

'65 Susan Harewood Sitek I graduated from Yankton College in 1968. After teaching in SD for 1.5 years, I married Gary Sitek and settled in MD. I just celebrated my 43rd anniversary and my 43rd "first day of school"! During my career. I received my masters from Johns Hopkins and started a parent cooperative preschool, taught elementary school, and graduate classes at JHU. I am beginning my 28th year for The Howard County Public School System as a reading support teacher for teachers in pre-K to 5th grade. I have 3 sons who have all pursued carreers in the arts ....music, photography, and set building. I still spend my summers in NJ at my family cabin in the woods on Longwood Lake!
'65 Tom  Grant Circumnavigated the globe in 1970 - 1971 then settled down and have been married for 43 years, one daughter 40, married and living in La Canada, CA.

Gave up the financial world and left the NJ cold in 2003, moved to Florida and got my Masters.

Just retired from business in December 2012 and we moved into a home on Sarasota Bay the same time.

'65 Unn Jermstad Boucher I worked at Hoffman-la Roche (I actually became a research scientist!, then got my MBA and moved to JPMorgan. During my 27 years there, I had a variety of assignments. A few years after the merger, I decided to retire and am now doing volunteer work and relaxing!
'66 Bonnie Barrows Wunderly I actually moved away at the end of eighth grade so am not sure how many of you might remember me. I attended Westerville H.S. (Ohio) then went to the College of Wooster and met the man I was married to for 24 years. I've been a teacher, a therapist, and a life coach. I am now divorced and have two grown children, Chris, age 30, and Jen, who is 33. I have two adorable grandsons, Matthew, 3, and Andrew, 18 months.

Although I didn't get to do high school with you, Cedar Grove still feels like my hometown. I'd love to connect with any of my old friends who remember me!
'66 Carol Brailey Engle Its been a long ride ... after college moved back to New Jersey and for the past 30 years have lived on 12 acres in Boonton Township. Three beautiful daughters were a gift from my husband which has resulted in 6 Grandchildren, the first getting married in February 2014. Blessed to have such great girls who have also been smart enough to choose great husbands!  Those that know my 'animal' history, will be pleased to know I own horses, dogs, cats and koi (in a 2000 gallon pond). I have been working in Meeting planning internationally and have traveled the world .. Far East, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, South America, etc. Married twice, the second time for 27 years and I just lost him to kidney cancer in March 2013. Looking to move from my beautiful farm to someplace smaller ... and OUT of NJ ... anyone want a wonderful cat?! Fondly remember some great years at MHS.
'66 Jean Walcott Ong I have had an extremely rewarding life as a mother to two great children now grown with children of there own so I am a Nana to four,10,12,14,&16.

Spend 20 plus years as a Pediatric nurse then entered college after 40 and received a teaching certificate that came in handy as we moved from New York to North Carolina in 97 and I became a preschool teacher for a while.
I have been married to the same great guy for 43 years.
We love to travel,see our grandkids as often as we can and just enjoy the time we have together.
Have a great reunion sorry we can't be there.
'66 Judy Runyon Cole I am happily retired for 4 years having spent 20 plus years with the Verona Recreation Department, the last 8 as director. I have been married to Ray for 42 years and we have lived in Verona for 36 years. We have 3 grown children, Meredith, Jeff and Allison and 4 completely perfect grandchildren all under the age of 5, Avery, Brady, Madelyn and Quinn. Thank God, all live locally. In my spare time, I love to do crafts and crochet.
'66 Laurel Goosman Corsini I just wanted to wish you all good luck and health at the Gala. It would be nice to catch up with what many of you are doing.
I taught Art for 20 years, at Passaic Valley Reg. HS, then switched to Special Education, and taught that for an additional 17 years. I retired in 2008 and started a small design business, which somehow, became an event planning business. It keeps me busy when I'm not doing floral design work, consulting, my photography,art projects, traveling, and volunteer work.
I sold my last sailboat after my husband passed away, and now kayak and hitch rides on tugboats whenever possible. Have a great time.

'66 Linda Savarese Valvano Divorced (long ago), 2 children - Monica and Darren - 3 grandgirls - Brianna, Christa & Melissa - work at Seton Hall University as Assistant to Rector/Vice Rector of the College Seminary. Sell PartyLite candles & accessories part-time. Hobbies include knitting, crocheting, reading, watching old movies, & playing poker!
'66 Meg Skelly Schmidt I am at a great point in my life. I was married and raised my family, 3 daughters and a son, in New Jersey, Fairfield and Basking Ridge. In 2000, we retired to Jupiter, Florida and in 2005, I divorced my husband. I was a Realtor in Palm Beach County, but with the downturn in the market and questionable health, I sold my home and in 2011 came back to Jersey. My kids are in Madison NJ, Clinton CT, Jupiter FL, and Palm Springs CA. I have 6 grandchildren, from 7yrs to 13.
I love being able to make "old" friends "new" again!
I started Memorial in my sophmore year, before that I grew up in Brooklyn NY. And now my friends from grammar school get together numerous times during the year.
Life is everchanging and wonderful! Cant wait to see everyone!
'66 Renate Hoffmann Sweatt loving life
'66 Rick and Chris Spadafino Dilley Congratulations to all who have made it this far and warm remembrances of those who are no longer with us.
Rick & I raised 5 great boys, 4 of whom are married – with the resulting blessing of 10 simply lovely (fairly local) grandchildren whom we adore (yes, we have 3 granddaughters - well worth waiting for!)
By the way, we're still married too! Never mind how long – you all know the story.
Rick has worked in the technology field from his and its infancy – but we are living proof that reinvention happens.
Rick has his own ridiculously demanding handyman business and loves it—occasionally working with our youngest, Christopher, makes it even more delightful.
After years at home with the boys, I began doing administrative work in the local schools. At the same time, an "old" friend (Carol Brailey Engle) would drag me off to work onsite at international meetings with a Cedar-Grove based meeting planning company once in a while.
This evolved a full-time position with the opportunity to see the wide, wide world, and opened a new and exciting chapter in my life. Apparently, there was always a gypsy in my soul and now we cannot get the genie back in the bottle!
Rick & I ascribe to the saying, "retirement is a dirty word" and devote ourselves to staying young and vibrant for each other and our family.
'66 Tom  Wayne 3 Children,a son 36 and a daughter 27,with my first wife, and a 6 year old daughter, YES 6 with my present wife. Plus 2 grandsons aged 4 and 2 from my daughter in Fort Lauderdale.
Have lived in Beijing since 2002 where I have been consulting with Chinese businessmen about immigrating to Canada and the USA. Plan to move to the States in South Florida during the summer of 2013.
'67 David  Kohlman My family moved from Cedar Grove in the summer of 1966. Attended Tyler School of Art (Temple Univ.) in Philadelphia. I moved to New Orleans in 1973, was married to my wife, Wanda, in 1976, adopted two daughters, and am now grandfather to five girls and one boy. I've been working as a jeweler since 1977.

Although I would love to attend, I won't be able to make the reunion this fall. If anyone would like to contact me, you may do so at SiteSeer48@aol.com.

Ya'll have fun!
'67 Donna Fiorito SanGiovanni Retired
'67 Donna Smith Bienkowski Director of International Operations for Verizon Wireless until retirement in 1999. Married 43 years to John and reside in Saratoga Springs, NY and Panama City Beach, Fla.
'67 Frank  McCluskey Semi retired college dean living in Delray Beach, Florida 50 miles north of Miami. I do a lot of writing, play tennis and have fond memories on my time at Memorial High School. I hope to see all of my old friends in October.
'67 Frank  McCluskey Semi retired college dean living in Delray Beach, Florida 50 miles north of Miami. I do a lot of writing, play tennis and have fond memories on my time at Memorial High School. I hope to see all of my old friends in October.
'67 Ginger Johnson Mattesky Bobby and I have been married for 41 years. We have two sons Bobby 37 and Marc 33. Our son Bobby is married to Jenn and they have 3 sons 9, 6, and 4. I taught 5th grade in
Cedar Grove for 39 years. I loved my job. I am now retired and loving that, too. Have been living in Cedar Grove my whole life and have been very happy here!!
'67 Glen K.  Newell Married for 43 years, lived in Branford, CT for that time. Four children (two and two) and 2 granddaughters. Have owned and operated my own sub-contracting business for 25 yrs, still a few more years until I retire. Refereed HS Basketball for 10 years untill the knees gave out.
'67 Howard  Hendrickson I recently retired from the U.S. Postal service after 26 years. I am also retired from the U.S. Air Force reserve having served for 21 years. I hve been married to my wife Brenda for 16 years (second marriage for both). I have a step-son and 4 grandchildren. I enjoy playing tennis and bocci and traveling. I also have written to books of poetry and am working on a third. I currently live in Rockaway, NJ and have a vacation home in the Pocono Mountains in PA.
'67 Howard  Hendrickson I have been married to Brenda for 17 years. I have a step-son and four grandchildren. I recently retired from the United States Postal Service after 26 yrs. I also am a retiree of the U.S. Air Force reserves, having served 21 yrs. Currently, I live in Rockaway, NJ and have a second home in the Pocono Mountains, PA. As for hobbies I enjoy playing tennis and bocci,
reading and writting poetry. Two of my poetry books have been published
and are available on Amazon.com. I am a member of the Cedar Grove Elks and American Legion Caldwell post.
'67 John  Sawyer Retired from teaching and coaching 35 years in Kinnelon NJ. Now living in Wilmington NC with my second wife Maria. We have been together for sixteen years and have a wonderful blend of four adult children and three grand kids. I enjoy spending time at the beach, golfing, kayaking, gardening, and volunteering at Good Shepard. I can't wait to see everyone in Oct.
'67 Kevin  Cooney Why am I the only person still working ???
Just saw Frank McClosky in DelRay this past week
Lost my wife Mary in 2007- have four childern and 11 grandchildern-looking forward to seeing everyone
My brother Marty-class of 65 lives in Africa and will not not be able to make it-
'67 Linda Calabrese Casto For 31 years I taught Elementary School in Mantua Township, New Jersey. As of 2002, 11 years ago, I retired from teaching to travel to Michigan to tour 58 lighthouses, then on to tourning Branson, Missouri. Every Winter I was a snowbird in Florida until I found The Villages, Florida where I reside now. Living in The Villages is like living in an Adult Disney World. I took Lifelong Learning classes in The Villages to learn how to twirl a baton. For the past 7 years I have twirled a baton, ribbons, flag baton and lightstick baton for The Villages Twirling Club. I parade in the Citrus Bowl Parade in Orlando, Florida each year, parade at Disney World, perform at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida and parade and perform in The Villages every holiday.
I have been a Polo Cheerleader here in The Villages for four years.
I have two children, Jonathan, 34 years old and Christina, 28 years old. I am a grandmother of two grandchildren, Givoanni, 6 years old and Mariah, 3 years old.
My husband, Jack, and I will be celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary on April 14, 2013. Life is good!
'67 Robert  Pomponio Enjoying my recent retirement.
  Thomas Berard Married 40 years to my wife Connie, working as a Wine& Liquor salesman in N J. Have a 27 year old daughter looking forward to seeing the old gang
'67 Ward  Moore Retired from DOD and U.S. Army currently working for Oldenburg Group a DOD contractor. 5 Kids and 8 Grand Kids. living in Hampton Roads VA.
'67 Wendy Mason Muldoon I can't make it to the "Gala", but will be thinking of everyone and hope that it's a hugh success! I live in Glen Allen, VA., married to Tom, have 2 girls of my own, 2 step children and 9 grandchildren. All of our kids are near, so we stay pretty busy and are truly blessed.

'68 Denise Klunck Petrillo I manage a spa in Avon by the Sea. Divorced since 96. I have 3 wonderful children Stephen, Deserie and Michelle and also, an amazing grandson 21 yrs. and granddaughter 2 1/2 yrs. YES!!!
I have to say my life is busy and full but I still make time for the thing I love DANCING!
Looking forward to seeing you and "Oh, What A Night", it will be...
'68 Guy  Kipp I retired in 2003 after teaching high school biology in West Milford, NJ for 31 years. I retired early for health reasons, diabetes, broken leg, 2 heart attacks, psoriatic arthritis, etc... I spend my days now exercising, hiking in the woods with my dogs and gardening. I live in beautiful Warwick, NY with my wife Donna of 38 yrs. We have 2 boys, Ryan 35 and Justin 32. After 51 yrs. of diabetes, I can only say, "God has been good."
'68 Karen Magnussen Jazikoff Lives in Galesburg Illinois..One daughter and 2 granddaughters
'68 Karen Beahm Zaccone Everything is great! Let me know how you're doing.